Top-notch International Tax Planning for Your Business

What would it mean for your business if you could save thousands—even millions—of dollars in U.S. taxes?

Too often, businesses from all over the world are struggling to pay exorbitant taxes to the United States. High tax liability cripples their ability to thrive, to expand, to compete in the global economy. 

You need an authority on international tax law to maximize your tax savings.

International Tax Counselors is the leading firm developing tax planning strategies for e-commerce, tech, manufacturing and other industries with international connections. For over 30 years, Founder Brian Dooley has helped businesses prosper by focusing solely on international taxation.

Brian’s expertise includes:

  • E-commerce international tax strategies
  • International gift tax planning
  • Reduce international inheritance taxes
  • legitimate loopholes in the tax code
  • Tried and true tax strategies

Our expertise includes:

  • Small business foreign tax plans
  • Tried and true tax strategies
  • legitimate loopholes in the tax code
  • Saving taxes offshore
  • Tax planning for e-commerce



International Tax Counselors creates a blueprint to save you taxes, maximize efficiency and build wealth.   Each client’s  innovative tax plan is submitted to the IRS National Office for their approval.  

Tax Planning with a Special IRS Approval Guarantee

International Tax Counselors seeks private letter rulings from the IRS on your behalf. If, for any reason, the IRS indicates that the tax strategy we’ve created for your business is problematic, we will refund our fee.

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