Specialists in International Tax Planning  and  Cross Border Estate Planning

Making you wealthy with innovative tax strategies is our mission.   

"Perfect" always provides big gains. You have more money. Not only do you pay less tax, but also the tax planning does not restrict your business plans.   You deserve the best.  A firm that only does international tax planning- every day and all day. 

Saving taxes and not restricting your business require something out of the ordinary; something provocative and legal.  It requires a firm that has time each day to read tax court cases and new IRS rulings.   If you CPA is spending time preparing returns and accounting, you need  to find a tax planner

Our clients create wealth by working with the IRS National Office.  Working with the IRS National Office, they establish a business structure that allows flexibility while saving taxes. As an agency of the Department of Treasury,  the IRS wants you to create wealth.   Their goal is for America to be great.  This means American businesses must be successful.

If you are starting a business in a foreign country or have an E commerce business , you will save taxes with incentives found in U.S. tax laws. Offshore tax planning can be done legally.  

International tax planning is what we do, and its the only thing we do.  International Tax Counselors is not a conventional company, and we don’t intend to become one. While we share attributes with the world’s most successful organizations – a focus on innovation and smart business practices, we provide our clients with individual attention. 

America's complex tax code requires innovative and sophisticated strategies for the cross border families and international businesses. We are passionate about using the best technologies to create your tax plan.  

Every family and every business has their unique needs. Tax planning must help create wealth and not merely reduce taxes. The international tax plan must allow the family personal relations to function. Similarly for business, the tax strategies must allow the business to maximize profits.  

We use time-tested  techniques and the innovative strategies that have helped  many businesses and organizations to overcome the international taxable challenges… that hold back their growth and income potential.  Strategies that create wealth, save taxes and protect assets.

Our clients are individuals and privately owned businesses.  We work In collaboration with your CPA.  We always apply for an IRS ruling on the provocative tax positions and plans we recommend. 

The advantages of relying on our proven expertise include:

  • Saving taxes with innovative tax plans. You can call Brian Dooley CPA  now for a free brainstorming consultation at 949-939-3414. 
  • Working with the IRS National Office for a tax guarantee of  your  tax plan.  
  • Seeing  forms 5471 and 3520 as a useful tool in creating wealth and not an expensive tax compliance reporting.
  • Educating yourself as to how to save taxes offshore with time tested  international tax strategies.

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